Precision Waterjet Cutting

Precision Waterjet Cutting Services provide close tolerance, distortion-free parts with superior edge quality, no burrs, and little need for secondary finishing.

We specialize in both architectural and industrial cutting of high quality parts from any type of metal or industrial plastic. We also handle other materials, such as foam, glass, tile, and stone.

Utilizing advanced part nesting techniques enables us to minimize material waste, and we pass that savings on to you.

Our waterjet cutting equipment is able to cut through material up to 10″ thick, and is able to create complex shapes and intricate patterns, we can cut parts measuring up to 72″ x 153″ at tolerances to ± 005″.

Industries Served:

* Appliance                                                * Architectural

* Automotive                                             * Construction

* Electrical & Electronics                      * Food & Beverage

* Glass                                                         * Hydraulics & Pneumatics

* Instruments & Controls                     * Machinery & Equipment

* Medical                                                     * Pharmaceutical

* Recreational                                            * Textile

* Woodworking & Millwork